Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Up

Continuing their dominance of the pop culture landscape, Kidz Bop rolls out a hot new original series appropriately titled "What Up? with Nick and Jake" where Nick and Jake tells us what up.

In episode 1, Nick and Jake introduce themselves.

In episode 2, with those brief formalities aside, they share some deep secrets with their public, and also unveil their hot new single. In this gut-wrenching tear-jerker, they tell us that we have never been hurt and bruised like they have. Try watching it without shedding a tear, and you will prove to yourself once and for all that you are a soulless bastard.

P.S. Also check out their fellow correspondent Giuleitta, who expose us to a little known indie group called Blondie, and shows why Kidz Bop will always be two steps in front of everyone else.

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Jim said...

thank you for that, jon. you are a kind-hearted gentleman. a real hell of a guy.