Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shape Up or Ship Out

I hate to be a negative Nathan, but goddammit, I think we need to have serious talk before this situation gets any further out of control. We are not getting off to a good start here. The blog is nary a week old, and is already infested with dead links, incorrect URLs, and disappointment.

Suppose I was a reader, in the midst of enjoying Bryce's excellent piece on cover songs, and wanted to enrich my experience with internet media. Sorry, but someone didn't take care to see that the links to the midi files were functional. "I won't be visiting this blog again," I said. Or perhaps I wanted to view Aaron's great video about swears and curses. No dice. Not a real URL.

Listen guys, this is the internet. We are online, making ourselves available in an interactive web log format. Can we please try not to fuck it up?

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Bryce said...

Alright, since SOME of us are unable to appreciate the retro beauty of broken links, I've found some new MIDI's from "Larry's Favorite MIDI's", "Dolphin Dreams MIDI OCEAN", and "Alasdair's MIDI Page", many hosted at geocities.com, the best place to host any personal collection on the web. Please enjoy and if you dare, post your own favorite MIDI links.