Sunday, December 9, 2007

heathers gots secrets

Heather has been keeping things from us as you can see...go here:


Jim said...

heather looks different online

anna said...

yeah. and so do her kids.

Bryce said...

While we are on the subject of secrets, I'll let you in on this little one.

I'm glad this guy has done the guy 37 times better. But I think we can get scammed MUCH more than 37 times solely on shady knife purchases. What do you think? Who is in?

p.s. Who knew Heather had such awesome amigos?

p.p.s. It seems that we need to update the blog here for the season so that we can keep up with the Hatfields. Admins?

Bryce said...

Sorry guys (and Jim especially), that's

Also, I've already been scammed 56 times since my last post.

Also also, how do you edit your comments?

erica said...

first, i scammed you 77 times, bryce. so booyah. also, you guys, i think we should murder heather for lying to us. or hold her up to the heavens and worship her.