Tuesday, December 11, 2007

time to get serious

hey guys, okay, i've been thinking lately and i'd like to address two issues:

number 1 issue:
Heather, why the hell do you have a secret life you have never told us about? you have kids and a bunch of other friends who aren't us. i can't believe this. you have some 'xplaining to do. i guess i thought our friendship was deeper than this. sadly, i suppose, i was wrong.

Number 2 issue:
we all know that i am not one to say, "hey guys, i'm awesome with music, playing it, picking it out, picking it apart and saying,'these riffs rule over all other riffs'... et cetera." everyone here knows that i like lots of music lots and lots and lots. But i have been thinking, and since it is time to get serious, i have considered it and i did pick out my four favorite albums this year. I will post those, post other notable artists and highlight my favorite songs.

Please note, i have made my choices and recommendations, and will not remove any of the following albums, but will be happy to add to the list. Also, these albums have a listen all the way through ability with longing to listen again.


Albums: (in this order) also(i'm not savvy like jim, i can't put the album art up)
#1. Graduation by Kanye West
Kanye is growing. No skits on this album, thank god, and this album has the ability to not only coerce you listen, but force you to love it. Catchy beats and wonderful lyrics say hey, at first, you like me, but now, oh, now, after a few listens, you LOVE me.Graduation has the ability for easy singles but depth for the listener who craves more than rap cliches, because, let's face it, there are no cliches here. Kanye is truly a lyrical (and self proclaimed) genius. Thank you, Kanye.
Key song: Everything I Am

#2. Ghost by Radical Face
Appropriately named, Ghost is wonderfully haunting. This entire album is a triumphant soul melody. Before I got this album on my iPod, my husband would be listening to it and it was inevitable: i'd say, "Who is this?" with a sense of "i can't believe what i'm hearing." I believe that Ghost is an evolution of music, the tip top of the food chain, exactly what a musical experience should be.
Key song: Welcome Home

#3. The Reminder by Feist
From the very first note until the very last, these chords resonate in a familiar spot in one's heart. Leslie Feist's vocals are unique in a blue sky kind of clairty and the folky lyrics make me want to roll down the windows and sing as loudly as possible.
Key song: 1234 (up for a grammy)

#4. Cease to Begin by Band of Horses
One of the most notable leads in history. Beg to differ with me, if you will, but I place Ben Birdwell right with there with Sufjan Stevens. Cease to Begin, Band of Horses second full length album, is a too easily over looked album with their polite and gentle melodies, but once the listener begins to feel Cease to Begin it's a juggernaut of emotion. This album, Ben and his (wonderfully talented) band is a refresher to my emotions like an open air market. It's a deep breath and as a note to all emo and indie kids, this is what music should really be.
Key song: Is there a Ghost (Also, best album art!)

Other Notable ARtists who put out fantastic albums this year (let's face the facts, i don't know the names of the albums):
Bon Iver
the National
Loney, Dear
Iron and Wine

Highlight-able singles: (working list)
"Feel like going home" - yo lo tengo
"No One" - Alicia Keys

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