Friday, December 28, 2007

some things to get off my chest

first of all, i'd like to say, thanks a lot, aaron. i love that video, too. and because of you i've watched it at least one million times at work.
second of all, i've listened to the same album about 70 times between today and yesterday and i dont' anticipate the end until about next week sometime.
third of all, i'm infatuated with ellen page. i just can't help it. she's witty and bright smiled and i just love her. and also, michael cera. i can't stop thinking about them. i wanna doodle their names on my notebooks and draw hearts and circles around them. and sit in algebra and think about how i want to hold their hands.
fourth of all, i can't wait til our new year's eve party. look at us all, we had such fun last year!!

merry christmas, i love ya

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barrymockies said...

i was so drunk in that, what a crazy night! remember how after that we watched 8 Crazy Nights?