Monday, December 17, 2007

Topsies Songsies

Alright bodogs. Time to spill my top 25 songs of the year. With a few of the tracks I've posted, I'll discuss a favorite moment/random memory/thought I associate with when I listen to the song. Also, I'm not going to post the album cover....I'll save that for top albs of the year. If you have questions or comments....feel free to let em' spew. Here we go:

25. "Rollerdisco" by Black Moth Super Rainbow

24. "All I Need" by Raidiohead

23. "Resurrection Fern" by Iron and Wine

22. "Knife" Girl Talk Remix by Grizzly Bear
-Girl Talk needs to come out with more stuff.

21. "1234" VanShe Technologic Remix by Feist
-I like the original song too but this one is better.

20. "A Sunday Smile" by Beirut

19. "To A Fault (Featuring Grizzly Bear)" by Dntel

18. "The Pills Won't Help You Now (Featuring Midlake) by The Chemical Brothers
-Plett shared this song with me. Thank you.

17. "Someone Special" by The Tough Alliance
-Playing poker during Boys Hour.

16. "Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider" by Of Montreal
-Indy trip with Heathe Dog.

15. "Whatever (Folk Song in C) by Elliott Smith
-Driving home for deer season listening to Mr. Smith. Nothing better. Then i watched Mr and Mrs. Smith. SIKE. in sikeston.

14. "Classy Penguin" by The Books
-Thank you Andy for this one. Reminds me of West Virginia hills and strep throat.

13. "Henderson Two" by Dosh
-My tipton house bedroom.

12. "D.A.N.C.E. (Alan Braxe Remix) by Justice
-For some reason I just think about Jim. you're lucky Jim.

11. "Lamb of the Lam (In the City) by Band of Horses
-Again, more W.V. fall beautifulness and VH1

10. "Handsome Furs Hate This City" by Handsome Furs

9. "Fireworks" by Animal Collective good

8. "Someone Great" by LCD Soundsystem
-Jim and Anna's wedding

7. "Beautiful Life" by Gui Boratto

6. "Apartment Story" by The National
-official summer song 2007

5. "I Am John" by Loney, Dear
-I think about a lot of summer items. Sonshine. Nina's B-day party.

4. "Bros" by Panda Bear

3. "Welcome Home" by Radical Face
- Ty.

2. "Flume" by Bon Iver
-First and favorite track off album. This one was really tough.

1. "Wham City" by Dan Deacon
-Jim's bachelor party. Holding the ipod speakers up to my ears with the volume turned all the way up at 419.

I struggled with the "only one track per album" rule. I had 3 Bon Iver, 3 Dan Deacon, 3 Panda Bear, 3 LCD and a few National songs. Tell me if I left out some stuff....I just remembered today that Beyonce remix song.


Jim said...

nice list man...although that of montreal is sooo 2006.

barrymockies said...

thats just when you downloaded it....go here:

2007 - boom!

Jim said...

i agree with your evidence, but we both had the album on our top lists of last year - booya!

barrymockies said...

i didn't....i found my list.