Monday, December 17, 2007

however white

that magic of snow days... oh what a wonder to wake up and see the world covered with white. .. the quickest way to dismantle this enchanted wonderland full of grace and hope is to drive after a snowfall. it's not driving on the roads, so much, as it is the other people driving on the roads. i get the road rage something fierce, but i will maintain my position... it's not ME i'm worried about, it's the other asshole. for instance, driving down a snowy road, yet to be plowed in wonderful Huntington Co. and a big, stupid 4 wheel drive truck pulls out RIGHT in front of me. no lie. and then, after i had to pump my brakes to slow down EVEN MORE, he turned 5 seconds later. SERIOUSLY. 5 seconds. i just want everyone out there stop being bad drivers. Be good drivers. Follow the rules and be courteous. It's that easy. Oh and don't treat snowy, icy roads the same as you would dry roads. DUH, you freaks are idiots. yeah, i'm angry.

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