Sunday, January 27, 2008

shout outs

i have a few here this morning. okay? i like to do shout outs every now and again.
first shout out.
Paco, we miss you, too, man. and youre right. i shouldnt have been so weird about the weather, i should have known better. anyway, our lives just aren't the same with you away. :) do your thing.
to the erica who sang karaoke last night in that bar, you did good.
teddy, you're my drinking buddy - let's give thanks our "other friends" are around, otherwise we'd be big lushes
that girl with short hair at the bar last night, thank you for getting me on track
to bars everywhere -- i think we all should celebrate the bar, small ones where everyone knows your name.... wait a minute.
online bill pay, you are wonderful, complicated but oh so helpful
greg wajer, tiny hats wishes you a happy birthday and thanks for one hell of a party
and last..
tiny hats and those who contribute to the daily blogs, we freaking rule the school

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