Tuesday, January 22, 2008

enough with the dead baby jokes!

so my wifer and i recently purchased a computer. well actually we purchased a little less than half of it, and the rest we are slowly purchasing over the next six months... interest free. hell yah for interest free, right? anyway. whilst wondering about on aforementioned computer i came across this band called vampire weekend and i was like "what a name, oh man." anyway after several listens i have come to the conclusion that if paul simon's graceland had amazing music sex with what little police music i know, and then graceland got pregnant (because im guessing its the girl of the two) and had a music child, vampire weekend might be such a child. let me say before i go any farther, that there is this one very ska sounding song that i don't know about yet, but maybe in a few more listens i won't be haunted by the shame of my dirty ska-loving past. we'll see. anyway even before i loved ska i loved being in high-school choir. so maybe its the breath-taking harmonies and the charming use of falsetto that takes me back to the glory days of flirting with the alto's and shitty cumber buns. as an aside, i was never ever in show choir; no jazz hands for me. anyway you dudes should definately check it out with all of your ears. if i knew how to post a song i would post cape cod kwassa kwassa cause i think its my fav. so check it out. WITH ALL OF YOUR EARS.


Jim said...

andy you're so dirty

erica said...
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barrymockies said...

yah, alto dirty with jazz hands on the side.