Monday, January 21, 2008

all scissors are not created equal

listen up, douches. i wanna tell you a story.

The other night while andy and i were watching episode after episode of our favorite, biting sitcom, i was reminded of a song. not just any song.

THE song that was my companion when i was stringing beads on a weekend because i had no friends at a new school... all the while reminding me how sad i was about my old friends and my old life. This song, hand and hand with the whole album, kept me company in 6th grade and all the way up to 12th. This song was playing when i learned it was NOT a good idea to sneak out of the house with older boys, mostly, that's always a bad idea. One time i snuck out alone and saw that moon above my dad's barn - and i felt remorse. then i went into this house where that older boy was playing this song.

That same boy gave me a ring once - and we listened to this song.... however, this song does not die with any old relationship. this song lives as one of the best songs ever. summer nights after detasseling corn, spending the night with casey - talking about boys, coming home the summer after freshmen year... geesh.

right now, this is the purest song in my heart of hearts.

so, in order to remember - i, of course, downloaded it.

Good Feeling - Violent Femmes.

Get it now, change your life. think of a teen-erica loving this song in different phases of her life.

and remember, not all songs are created equal.

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