Thursday, February 21, 2008

can the real jbakes please stand up?

didn't think so.

anyways, getting back to what i know, i wanna talk about some jams and some other things.
this month, february, has been one hell of a month. first of all, i got to see this beautiful pic of, semi pro star, will ferrell. (sorry, perez, i borrowed this from you) i can't wait to see this movie, particularly because he's in it. another reason for this, because aaron was there, at the studio, while the movie was being filmed. yet another reason, because i laugh at will ferrell - a lot time and time again. im sure it's not going to be a genius film that talks about different social issues in a new and innovative way.. i just bet i'll get come cheap laughs.

now, back to some jams. i've got some songs i've been listening to like CRA-A-ZY. i do a lot of driving in my car, so i need a music rotation that would make a normal commuter's head spin. now in late january, i posted a list of my first songs downloaded on maggie. i have to admit, those songs were just being planted, and now, the latter part of february, some of them are taking hold with their roots and sprouting in my head.. and my heart. i'll start with Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man and Gladys Knight's Midnight Train to Georgia. I listen to these babies AH LOT. Let me just break it down for you -- the groove starts low - in the abdomen eventually manifesting itself in a snap, shoulder roll and loud soulful voice belting it out like it's a personal anthem. i can't help but to think it's mine own. i love these songs. love them.
next, Guns of Navarone by Maritime... from Heresy and the Hotel Choir. My dear friend scott sahl sent me an email with this video - next thing i knew.. i was in love. this song doesn't disappoint and like your favorite pair of jeans, always fits and makes you feel great. so, i slap on this song early in the morning and just sing and sing and dare the day to tell me otherwise. (usually the day does give it to me -- but for an unadulterated 3 minutes, i rule the world on hwy 24).
Inner Island(The Hood Internet Remix) is another diddy that frequents my ears on a consistent basis. the beats blow my mind. I would, here, like to credit my husband for always introducing me to wonderful works of art.. so thank you, andy. I dont know what i'd do without this beautiful song. One thing i do know, i wouldn't be complete without it.
lastly for this post, the cutesy New Soul sang by Yael Naim - made famous, or at least to my ears, by MacBook's thinnovation Air. this song is airy and sensuous for the soul, bouncy and a pleasant decision that things might end up good. i like things that end up good - this song, typically, greets me before i start my loads of paper work. i sing it loud and i sing it proud. i sing it like Yael naim is my best friend and we're having a slumber party. but we aren't and don't have sleep overs... but this is what my heart beats while the song radiates through myskin.

those are my february picks. i have my eye on some sweet tunes for March.. just as a spoiler, the black keys work a cappell and maybe even the original. i don't know. you have to wait.

see ya.

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