Tuesday, February 19, 2008

who's jealous?

look at this guy - does he get business done, or what? i mean, he's a business man. flying around - saving the world, saving the cheerleader - saving GQ. well, not really SAVING GQ, but.. it kinda went along with it. Heather knows what i mean... getting business done in his khacki suit. who doesn't love a khacki suited man getting business done and looking so good? anyways - bring back heroes!


anna said...

boy, erica, you sure are right. getting business done is awesome. and don't think i don't recognize the legs of my two best friends there in the corners. what are you doing? taking notes?

erica said...

yeah, me and heather are in there... taking notes. taking turns with taking notes. don't you love my shoes? they are the black and white ones? anyways, Milo really loves me and heather. sorry you missed the boat.

J Bakes said...

is heroes as awesome as himym and does it have a laugh track too please tell me.