Wednesday, March 19, 2008

so i was at henry's tonight, and out of my peripheral i caught sight of these die hard baseball fans on television, whose love ones had  passed on to glory. and if you're  a die hard baseball fan whose loved one has met an untimely end, and is now residing in a better, more peaceful place, with the lord or jesus, then what better way to celebrate the life of this  beloved then by having them eternally placed  (via ashes or corpse) in an urn or coffin that celebrates the team that you two held dear during his/her wonderful life among the living? the answer: an eternal images line of major league baseball urn or casket. well thats all well and great you say, but what if my deceased was not into baseball, what if he/she was into...say star trek or precious moments? i will tell you what then, and i will say good news, i will also proclaim that you my friend, my friend who is going through such a trying time of darkness and despair, can purchase them a coffin/urn that honors the devotions of this loved one whilst she/he was alive, be it precious moment or star trek. 

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erica said...

andy, you're so crazy. i think i wanna have your baby