Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bop Bob Perona

The speech Obama gave today on race was really good. Read it here.

Then, if you want to get really mad, go read the headline on CNN.com.

EDIT: Looks like they changed it....before it just read "Obama Says Constitution Stained by Blood of Slavery"


anna said...

i saw this comment from somebody about obama's speech:

I want to have Obama's baby
by Cornhog
03/18/2008, 3:40 PM

Sure, I'm straight and male and biology says its not possible, but dammit his speeches make me believe anything is achievable. How long until women start throwing their panties on stage during his speeches?

Seriously, that was terrific. I was late to work because I sat on the couch and watched it. How many politicians can make a person stop what they are doing for what's essentially a stump speech?

But, most importantly, his defense of his pastor caught me off guard. He basically said, "Yeah, he said something stupid but he's my friend and deep down he's a good guy so piss off." It was like he was escorting a drunken buddy out of a bar. And it's so ...real. That's how actual human beings behave when their friends do something stupid. That's not how politicians behave. Politicians throw their stupid friends under a bus.

Maybe Obama is a new kind of politics.

I think I believe.

don't you think that's pretty true? i think that's one of the things that draws me to obama... it's like he's a real person.

erica said...

speaking of panties, did you watch the bachelor last night? well, if you didn't -- you should've. panties.