Monday, August 18, 2008

okay okay,

you guys, i know this may be a little too much - but sticking true to tiny hat's philosophy, when i see something outrageous, i have to post it.

i bought some female products on sale -- huge sale -- and i noticed when i got home that they had an expiration date. i looked up what that meant and, thankfully, had the answers. :) however, that is not what i'm posting. (you can find that article later).. i'm posting about periods - everyone's favorite.

I enjoy be have my extent immediately for 3 years. About every other extent it get really heavy(saturating a super plus tampon in something like 2-2 1/2 hrs). My period also tend to closing sometime up 2 10 days. Its a short time ago wierd my period are noraly any really hefty or pretty desk light. I occasionally hold a regular flow. I do play sports, and when playing sports my extent is typically lighter. My period are also never regular. I hear birth control would aid regulate my period, shoud i ask my mom roughly this because i am simply 15. I of late dont discern comfortale asking to dance 2 the gyno. something like this because I enjoy have oral sex and dont want her to find out. Please halp........gratitude.

Can a fallopian tube grow fund after surgury when to a degree taken out cut and adjectives?
First rotten your period may not enjoy regulated even so. For some, it can appropriate a few years. That could explain the irregularity in times, load of flow etc..... Yes, birth control pills should facilitate regulate your cycles and run down the flow. If you are already adjectives surrounded by oral sex, it is lone time formerly you will be adjectives within vaginal sex. Sex is sex. I hope you are still anyone diligent!

You can produce an appointment beside your Doctor on your own, or receive your mom to pinch you. Simply speak about them the truth, your period are some times hugely brawny and you never know when you are apt to enjoy them. Pretty simple stuff. Your Doctor is irrelevant to put in the picture your mother anything, even if you want to dance on the pill lacking her, you do not want her go-ahead. But you might as ably be up-front give or take a few why you want it, for strength reason and a better natural life.

Good luck near this, basically relay your mom something like the problems and that you want to dance on the pill - so you can consistency better. You can opt if you need to bargain to her around any sexual hobby."

Remember guys, I want to Dance on the Pill. :)

sorry so gross, but these words make my head spin.

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Andrea said...

I found this site equal parts hilarious and confusing. Who are these women who use "verb" as an appropriate synonym for "make"? Or who wonders how they might "remove quill around genetial areas"?