Sunday, August 3, 2008

i am stuck in western florida. gross.

well. i'm not in costa rica yet. it is a long and sad story.

here are some things that have happened in the past 12 hours:

2 mechanical errors in two different planes
2 flights canceled
a flight at midnight
nearly 24 hours in a florida airport
a wrongly re-booked flight to San Jose, California
sprinting two miles at 10:45pm from terminal 1 to terminal 4
a few tears
oh, and lost luggage

humans can take a lot before they break. i know in maybe a week this all might be funny. if all goes well, i will actually get there tomorrow at noon. all of this is okay...only because i'm going to costa rica and i think it is worth it. cross your could be much worse


Suwsshiyr08 said...

oh man. that is the worst. i'm sorry to hear you've had such trouble!

J-Kiddin' said...

sorry sarah, I hope you still get there and everything is great.

bunniestown said...

gosh. :( hope you are there.

bunniestown said...

that was erica. not andy, but i'm sure andy hopes you are there, too