Saturday, November 29, 2008

Year End Top Listers

Hey Listerine Fans, Yeah Yeah, I know I never ever post here, I know, but that's kind of what I do, If you looked at my roster you would see I have almost ten blogs which I never ever post on, so its nothing personal mostly (...jim.......). And that's just on blogger! I've got wordpress blogs too!

In anycase as most of you are aware, we are two days from the last month of the year. And you know what that means, End of the year lists!!!!! We are talking albums, singles, movies, tapes, bags, hjs, animals, shirts, animal shirts, animal shirts depicting cartoon hjs, etc, etc....

Now some of you may hate lists, and I know that they are totally pointless, but they are clearly also awesome and fun. There is nothing more awesome than ranking things which should not be ranked.

So how do you want to do it? We can do it on this blog since many of us are here, and although I wouldn't want to hijack this blog from its valiant attempt to post all of youtube here, it may make sense to do it here. However it would also be sweet and make sense for us to make another short lived blog (although this one would be so on purpose), a kind of top 10 blog, and we could invite everyone we ever met to post there. or we could post somewhere else.

So what do you think? Maybe I will send out an email to us and others that aren't on here. I know some of you get all embarressed about your lists or hate lists or starting barking about elitism when some of us have lists with things you don't know about on them so you don't ahve to be involved but I dont' see any reason for any of those things so I encourage all of us to post as much as we want. It doesn't just have to be music or movies or books you know.

anyway, my vote is for a new top ten blog but i am all up for posting here too.

what kind of timeline are we talking about also? WE dont' want to post too late or then all the dumb other websites have thier lists up and we look lame and boring. we also need a little time though so we can gather our brains and listify?

what say ye all? I am willing to set up the blog or someone else can do it too.

peace, comment, email


Jim said...

lets start a website for it on geocities

erica said...

TOP.. TEN..BLOG. TOP..TEN..BLOG. TOP..TEN.. BLOG (to be chanted in an enthusiastic manner)

bunniestown said...

my brains are all available!!!!! here have them? new blog sounds charming, and i love charmers.
. .

this picture represents a new blog

Jim said...

also i've got dibs on top ten fast food innovations

erica said...

GOD JIM, you also got dibs on the best shit.

Jeff BBz said...

alright! the people hath spokane! I will get a new blog up on blogger (as most people have that shit) and we will go with it!