Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Sara'h',

i can only speak for myself, but i am glad that you are my friend, too. love ya'. :) also, these are actual photographs from Costa Rica. Can you believe you are going to Costa Rica for 3 freaking weeks?! i am very jealous. I want to go and hang out and splash around in that waterfall and dive into that sunset. I also wanna do the Tree Pose while becoming one with Nature. Or maybe do Warrior 1, holding my pot of Gold up to the sky on top of a mountain.

i'm jealous, can you tell?

but also, i'm proud of you for going. you are brave - and wonderful, NOT TO MENTION beautiful.

i am going to miss you,

erica *

1 comment:

berry said...

thank you. i love you. i will miss you too. you you you.

i promise to do all those things and more. i promise to take pictures of me doing all those things.

i promise that i will wish you were all with me the entire time i'm there.