Monday, June 30, 2008

This guy just got drafted by the Dallas Mavericks

Aren't basketball players supposed to be cool?  This one sure as heck is.  His name is Shan (pron. Shane) Foster and he went to college at Vanderbilt.  He got drafted by the Mavs last week and I hope he makes the team and becomes the next huge superstar.  I mean just check out his awesome geniune love for his new career.  He is one of my new favorite players.  I love him bad.


Jim said...

oh my god he's the best ever. too bad about the pronunciation of his first though.

erica said...

too bad this song is stuck in my head.. or maybe not too bad. i love it!!!!!

J-Kiddin' said...

It's not too bad. It's great! I have a new man crush here.