Friday, April 18, 2008

Lets talk about other bands...

I want to take this time to discuss more bands that are overrated. Please post some that you can think of. Or you can just post ones that you think are kind of boring and/or overrated. Or just ones you think suck.
Some of mine are:

Belle & Sebastian
Architecture in Helsinki
New Pornographers
Rock Star Supernova
hmmm..can't think right now


barrymockies said...

oh yeah, The Decemberists.

J Bakes said...

Some of mine are:

Radiohead *yah
Belle & Sebastian *wrong
Architecture in Helsinki *yah
New Pornographers/AC Newman *wrong
Rock Star Supernova *dunno
Decemberists *wrong
hmmm..can't think right now


So yeah, half rite I dunno.

barrymockies said...

i didn't say to argue mine....come up with some on your own boys and girls!

barrymockies said...

i already know that people are going to disagree with mine...and that is fine.

Jim said...

bob dylan
the beatles
the beach boys
velvet underground

Jim said...

just kidding about those, here's my real list:

bright eyes
band of horses (mostly)
cat power
anything with ben gibbard
elliot smith (a little bit)
figurines (big time, except for that one song that rules)
john vanderslice
M83 (big time again)
new pornos (agreed on that one)
radiohead (couldn't agree more)
tapes n tapes

J-Kiddin' said...

Pearl Jam
spoon (a bit)
Panda Bear and Animal Collective for sure
Bob Dylan for real kindof
the Hold Steady

and my #1 overrated: Lil' Wayne

I'm not saying I don't like some of these a lil' but they to me are obviously overrated for different reasons.

erica said...

i might get murdered for my small, but serious, list:
Devendra Banhart
Elliot Smith (a lot)
Radiohead (couldn't agree more, ever since the day i was born!)
decemberists (for sure, aaron, right on)
Unwed sailor

i know a lot of mine are agreements, but, if it ain't broke,you know?

and maybe some of mine are overrated in the group i hang out with.. and mostly, i just don't like it. and that's okay.

Jim said...

j-kiddin: good points about the hold steady and liars. i agree. and deerhunter.

i love destroyer but i get why people don't like him.

your point about animal collective and panda bear, however, makes me want to tell you to get a life.

erica said...

let us all NOT forget freaking U2!.. take your money and eat it, bono.