Sunday, January 6, 2008

Top hats off to ya, 2007!

Rather than posting a bull shit list of made up mostly of NPR, all new Pakistani dance music and songs that did not come out in 2007, I want to direct your attention to these guys:

I heard something about Tinariwen in the spring before I left for Kashmir and thankfully stumbled back across them when I got back. Even though I have heard some good albums from 2007 (Band of Horses, Iron and Wine, Once OST, Magnolia Electric Co., Panda Bear, Sigur Ros, LCD Soundsystem) this is easily tops. The best advice I have is to watch this short video. You will able to hear, see and learn everything you need to know to learn to love lives. But not Burl Ives.


Jeff BBz said...

Yeah I agree!

Prince Ali said...

That was sweet. Thanks Brycean creed.